Conjectural Technologies

Conjectural Technologies is a one-man consulting firm providing Google Workspace and other consulting services for small jobs, as well as a licenses & services product tailored to small 501(c)3/4 organizations.

who runs it?

It is run by Ian Hyzy. I have five years of experience working with Google Workspace customers of all sizes as a consultant, and use my skills at my day job at Grubhub. I’ve also been volunteering with Ragtag and other organizations for several years and have learned about about how small nonprofits work and thought about what they need from Google Workspace to succeed.

who is conjectural technologies for?

Google Workspace clients

I offer my consulting services for limited engagements with anyone using Google Workspace.

License sales are designed for small nonprofits, political projects, community organizations, and other non-traditional-business entities that run on Google Workspace. If you fit the above criteria, and also need help making Workspace integrate with your other tools or conform to your organizational process, you’ll probably like what you see.

For example, you may want expert help in configuring your environment to protect against ideologically motivated spear-phishing attacks, or training on how to use Workspace with other tools like Action Network.

Other clients

I have experience in migration software, open-source collaboration and chat software, Cloudron, and a few other niches.

sounds good? want to learn more?

For consulting projects, just send me an email at ian (at)