Google Workspace consulting

Conjectural Technologies LLC is a one-man consulting firm providing Google Workspace consulting services and licenses, as well as consulting for open-source software like WordPress.

It is run by me, Ian Hyzy. I have years of experience working with business customers of all sizes as a Google Workspace consultant, and for the past three years I’ve used my skills to improve the Google Workspace and Google Cloud Platform experience at Grubhub.

Highlight reel:

  • Migrated multiple large enterprises to Google Workspace while at Maven Wave, doing everything from technical migration tasks to leading user training.
    • Companies included manufacturing, banking, and other large organizations not traditionally associated with Google Workspace or cloud tooling.
  • Built applications with Apps Script and other tools to make business process map more efficiently onto the tools Workspace provides, such as:
    • An employee performance conversation application in a no-code builder. The app was built to show off Google’s then-new (and now defunct) App Maker platform and be customized to the company’s unique needs around scheduling conversations and questions.
    • A virtual machine running scheduled jobs to automatically generate and send reports on things like Google Groups and Drive file exposure
    • A tool to automate employee lifecycles and provide admin functions not available in the Admin Console (like email delegation) built in Apps Script
  • Handled challenging migrations and file permission issues, such as files with multiple locations, mapping permissions to or from systems that have different models than Drive, and working with security teams to find balance on permissions policies combined with DLP and scripted audits.
  • Helped leadership and HR navigate complex Google Group and email permissions, as well as Vault policies, to ensure a well-connected and secure organization.
  • Worked with cybersecurity and infrastructure teams at various companies to nail safe GCP IAM basics, and go in-depth on components of GCP commonly used for Workspace, like API quota management, service account security and logging, and Big Query logging.

Non-profits, too

I’ve also been volunteering with several nonprofit organizations for years, and have gained experience with the unique tech needs of nonprofits. I’ve helped nonprofits with Google Workspace questions, as well as helping them choose technologies that best fit their needs.

One More Thing (or four)

Some important details:

  • Conjectural Technologies is an LLC with a valid US address and bank account. I accept Bank (ACH) transactions (preferred) or credit cards, both through Stripe Invoices.
  • I do have a day job still, so my availability is usually outside US Central working hours (9-5) and there is a limit to the number of hours I can work a week. Consider this when scoping work.
  • Rates depend on your institution type (for-profit, 501c3/4, etc). I’m happy to discuss different types of billing arrangements that work best for you.
  • My skills are generally most relevant for medium-to-large enterprises, and tech-forward non-profits where security is a strong area of focus. I don’t think I’m the best fit for small organizations.

Ready to get started?

If all of that sounds good to you, please email me or schedule a call, so we can talk about your needs.